Airport & Colors a global offer

The quality of the performance offered by Airport & Colors is guaranteed by the control of each and every step of the elaboration process, all the while respecting one of the most stringent standards in the world, the aeronautics standard one.


Having a double expertise in the airline and advertising fields, our team ensures the interface between the advertiser who expresses their priorities in terms of visibility and public impact and the airline for whom we know the operating restraints.Thanks to our mastery of simple and performing processes, Airport & Colors is able to set up and orchestrate a campaign planned over six months, one or more years…or simply one week.


Our graphics department has a data bank of all the aircraft types in circulation. Airport & Colors is able this way to present visual simulations on every aircraft type, taking into account its shape and its technical features.The visuals creation is conceived with respect to the airline regulations (registration numbers, forbidden zones, etc…) the airline’s visual identity as well as the advertiser’s requirements.


Long lasting and quickly adaptable, the technology used by Airport & Colors allows the reproduction of any kind of image thanks to adhesives films of high technical quality, guaranteed against various kinds of aging.The set up, which takes place during the maintenance stops of the aircraft, is ensured by the airline maintenance staff trained by us.