Airlines, do you know that you can reduce your operating costs without additional investments ?

Price wars, reorganization and network development, frequencies increases… All these factors are closely linked to the air traffic deregulation and lead the airlines to treat the reduction costs as an absolute priority.

Facing this demand, Airport & Colors proposes to you a solution that is both original and status-enhancing: advertising display on the fuselage of your aircraft. By entrusting to Airport & Colors the management of this prestigious advertising space, you will give yourself the means of substantially and repeatedly reducing your operating costs, without having to invest…


 A perfect integration with your fleet planning

Presented as adhesive films specially certified to meet aerospace standards, the advertisers displays will be applied to your aircraft during the regular maintenance stops. Fast and reliable, the use of this technique guarantees your fleet planning…and allows long term planning of advertising campaigns, resulting in regular income.

With Airport & Colors, you also increase the profitability of your maintenance hangars which will be used in priority for the installation and removal of the displays.

Respecting your visual identity

Every airline has its own visual identity, that it needs to preserve. Airport & Colors is conscious of the importance of this factor and thus, handles the leasing of your advertising space selectively, and with your approval.

Thanks to its double expertise in the airlines and the advertising fields, Airport & Colors is able to ensure the interface between the advertiser’s goals and the respect of your identity and operating requirements. Every Airport & Colors campaign provides an opportunity for different visual simulations from our graphics studio.


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