Advertisers, do you know from now on there is an out of the ordinary media at your reach?

The saturation phenomenon that traditional media are experiencing is effectively reducing the impact of campaigns by diluting their message. Whether it is outdoor billboarding, press or radio and TV, it’s getting tougher and tougher to differentiate your message…

Thanks to its expertise at the crossroads of the communications and airlines industries, Airport & Colors offers you an alternative as factual as status-enhancing: the display of your messages on the aircraft fuselages of the most renowned airlines.

By the attraction it represents in terms of imaginary, the values it reinforces, and the completely new visual expression field it offers, the airplane imposes itself as an out-of-the-ordinary media.

The impact of a totally innovative media

Whether they are in transit or waiting to board, more than 80 % of airlines passengers spend between 30mn and 2 hours at the airport. During this time, their eyes are frequently turned to the outside, in quest of the dream, the airshow…

Parked in front of the boarding rooms, taxiing on the tarmac, taking off or landing, the aircraft dressed by Airport & Colors are creating the event: we await their arrival, we regret their departure…

A leading technique at the service of your campaigns

Presented as adhesive films specially certified to meet aerospace standards, your visuals will be applied on the aircraft during the regular maintenance stops. The use of this effective technique allows Airport & Colors to display all your images, from a logo to a millions of colors picture. Flexible, it permits the preparation of an aircraft in hours only, on any spot of the planet.

The condition of every aircraft preparation is controlled and periodically communicated to the advertiser. Airport & Colors covers also the recovery of the operational data tracing the aircraft’s route during a campaign.

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